USA Church Planting

We are starting in Houses and functioning as a House Church, building community using Equipped Ministers We are “Bringing The ARK Back” to America, by bringing successful ministers from other countries to the USA to help reach their people living in America.

Overseas Church Planting

We are planting churches in many different countries. We are constantly needing help in everything from ministry, to administration, to construction in many of our overseas networks. Currently we are planting +/- 30 churches a month in different countries.

Missions Trips & Projects

SHORT TERM MISSIONS These are Missions Trips that last from a few days to a few weeks. LONG TERM MISSIONS These are Missions Assignments that last from a month to a year in length. MISSIONS STAFF These are Missions Staff Positions that last from a few months to a few years in length.

Conferences & Crusades

EVANGELISTIC EVENTS Such as Crusades, Spectacle Evangelism, Treasure Hunts, Miracle Services. EVANGELISTIC CAMPAINS House to House Outreaches, Campus Outreaches, City Wide Outreaches, etc. PERSONAL EVANGELISM Ministering One-on-One in the Market Place (healings, deliverances, salvations).  

Missions Ministry is always an exciting part of what we do!

Currently we are working in over a dozen countries of Africa, Asia, India, Israel, South America, Europe, Alaska, Nepal, and many other parts of the world… including many nations that are “closed” to the gospel and do not allow missionaries to live or work in their country.

We have “short term” and “long term” workers on assignments in various parts of the world doing many different types of ministry activities.

We are busy building Ministry Networks within each country! We are seeing a giant influx of men and women of God who are joining together to do “the work of the ministry” in many new and exciting ways!

Every day on the mission-field is an ADVENTURE!

We are always looking for a few good men and women to be a part of what we are doing to reach this world with the “Good News” of Jesus Christ!

Maybe, just maybe, God has been speaking to you about you beginning to fulfill you Divine Purpose for being alive on planet earth for such a time as this?

Together, we can do great things for Christ!

Together, we can radically affect our world!

Together, we can change the eternal destinies of many people, in many nations of this world