Marketplace Ministry

We are entering the biblically foretold season of the greatest “transference of wealth” that has ever been experienced since Thee Garden of Eden.

This “transference of wealth” will take place in the Market Place (business) where Christians will be doing much of their ministry like in the book of Acts.


Those who are called to own and operate businesses.
« KINGDOM BUSINESSES Businesses that are created to generate income for ministry.
« MARKETPLACE MINISTERS Those who minister while serving in the Market Place.
« MARKETPLACE MINISTRIES Business that do ministry while serving in the Market.

Start a Business

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!
Stepping step by step towards the goal!
Building the “dream” in a tangible way!
Sharing your “little” secret!


Existing business operating in Market Place Ministry.
Restaurants, Salon & Spas, Business Services.
Sales Teams, Marketing Teams
Retail & Wholesale stores selling misc. items for sale to the public.

MARKET-PLACE MINISTRY is nothing new to Christianity!

Most of Jesus’ preaching, teaching and miracles occurred in the Market Place, as recorded in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!

Most of the Apostles ministries took place in the Market Place, as recorded in the book of Acts of the Apostles.
Today, most of the Church’s ministry takes place within their four-walls, inside of the beautiful buildings that they have built to house the people who attend that particular church.

Jesus said for us to “GO” and do the works that He did! Why not do them where Jesus did, in the Market-Place. While Christians are about their daily lives of working, shopping, playing, recreation, etc.

We are raising up a new breed of “preachers/ministers” who their pulpit is there job, their business, their everyday place of working, shopping, serving, etc.

We are raising up a new model of doing business, as a KINGDOM BUSINESS that is situated right in the middle of the Market-Place! A place where an income is earned and ministry can take place, all at the same time!

Learn what others are doing to affect their communities with the influence of a Kingdom Minded Business in the Local Market-Place. Peoples lives are being changed as they minister and as they are ministered to!

Now you too can be a part of taking the Gospel back to the Market-Place, where it original started! Just like Jesus did in the Gospels! Just like the apostles did in the book of Acts! Just like the Early Church did all throughout the New Testament.