in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, and California.
We are making arrangements for another church in Florida and California, Texas, Connecticut, and Hawaii.
Daytona Beach, Florida, Dallas, Texas and Burbank, California.

in Africa, Europe, India, Canada, Latin America, Nepal, and Asia.
are adding about 30 new churches a month and presently have over 12,000 ministries and churches in affiliation, alignment with GAN.
are being added every month!

Church Planting - Church Multiplication Network

CMN IS PROVIDING… some of the resources that we need to be able to continue to plant churches in the USA
OUR GOAL IS… to have 27 new church plants across America, by 2015!
COAST TO COAST…East Coast—West Coast is what we are working on building right now.

Church Revitalization

EVANGELISTIC SERVICES… we are doing Church Growth events at local churches.
REVIVAL SERVICES… we are doing Faith Building services at local churches to encourage the “tired” congregants.
MIRACLE SERVICES… we are doing Healing meetings, Signs & Wonders meetings at local churches to draw the needy to the local church.

Our main emphasis is CHURCH PLANTING!

Whether in the United States of America or overseas, we are constantly trying to do our part in planting churches in areas that are unreached or in needy areas, as the Lord of the Harvest opens doors for us to have access to a home.

We also partner with strong existing churches in an effort to help them develop “daughter churches” as part of their church growth strategy. We work with the church’s leadership in training and equipping them to plant churches under the covering of their existing local church.

Our main approach to Church Planting is in reproducing the EARLY CHURCH model found in the book of Acts chapter 2 verses 42 through 47. It says that the new believers meet daily in the temple and then broke bread from “house to house.”

We plant HOUSE CHURCHES with the hopes that they will grow into a vibrant active church that is not only building community but also reaching their community!

But we also help existing churches with the REVITALIZATION of their congregations with vivid demonstrations of the POWER OF GOD in performing Miracles, Signs & Wonders, Healings, Deliverances, Evangelism, and Holy Spirit Baptisms and Gifts of the Spirit.

Contact us to see how we can help you and how you can help us PLANT CHURCHES by inviting us into your home, your church, your community, your business, your life and ministry!